Bearing Technology

Authorised Workshop for SLF Hybrid Bearings

Bearings are a critical component of the Turbocharger which effects its durability and reliability. Turbocharger bearings can be split into two main types: hydrodynamic journal bearing systems and ball-/ roller bearing systems.

Hydrodynamic journal bearing systems

TurboSpares is able to supply high quality hydrodynamic journal bearings.These bearings are used in the new generation high loaded and high speed turbochargers, for example the ABB TPS range,  usually  mounted on high speed diesel- and gas engines.   

This type radial bearing has no rolling elements. The bearing surface is seperated from the journal surface by the lubricant film, generated by the journal rotation.

For the TPS range, TurboSpares supply all service kits from stock. The bearing service kit will be delivered with two hydrodynamic radial bearings and one axial thrust bearing.

SLF super precision ball- and roller bearings

TurboSpares has a reliable improved option for ball- and roller bearings, especially designed for the VTR-4 series Turbochargers. For these complete bearing units we use the German designed and made, SLF super precision ball- and roller bearings, with P4 accuracy.

More advanced steel and ceramic rolling elements

The Turbocharger demands a high load bearing capacity and at the same time high rotating speeds. In the high loaded Compressor End (CE) bearing assembly we use the special designed SLF Hybrid bearings. The rolling elements are made of ceramic Si3N4, the rings from X30 (known from aerospace applications) and the cage is made of PEEK material. 

The Turbine End (TE) bearings are assembled with standard steel rollers, but on special request we can assemble these bearings with ceramic rollers as well. The advantage of using these ceramic bearings can be found in a more reliable performance, less false brinelling, less wear and heat generation.

Cooperation between TurboSpares and SLF

The assembly of a complete bearing unit demands a high level of specialism and accuracy. In our temperature controlled state of the art bearing room, all bearing components are properly stored and carefully measured. All complete bearing assemblies are properly packed in tins for long time storage with a unique ID-Number.

The combination of TurboSpares’ technical expertise with the innovative and special designed SLF Hybrid bearings, makes our bearing unit one of the most reliable. 

This improved and innovative bearing concept is applicable to all kind of applications in Marine, Power Generation and Industry. In case of special engine applications and circumstances, do not hesitate to contact our technical department for advice.

 R454 Turbine End Bearing assembly    

VTR 454 CE lager.JPG R454 Compressor End Bearing assembly   


 Authorised workshop for SLF Hybrid Bearings  

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