IMO regulations

Spares and Service in Compliance with IMO Regulations

Turbochargers will be critical in meeting IMO Tier III emission targets. To ensure compliance, TurboSpares closely follows the latest modifications to IMO environmental regulations. 

Greenhouse gasses such as NOx emissions are being targeted because they are harmful to human health and the environment. 

Ideally, if the combustion process is complete, the exhaust gases should only contain CO2 and water vapour. In reality, mainly due to incomplete combustion, the exhaust gasses also contain GHG emissions. 

For the engine there are 12 NOx components defined of which four are related to the turbocharger: 

  • Compressor wheel
  • Diffusor
  • Nozzle ring
  • Turbine shaft

These components influence engine NOx emission characteristics, and get a manufacturer specified unique number, such as IMO. 

Given the necessary IMO ID numbers, TurboSpares will deliver spares parts against the correct specification, as registered in technical files. This allows the company to ensure an optimal combustion process. 

We supply spares and service in compliance with IMO regulations. This allows us to ensure an optimal combustion process and reduce NOx emission. 

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