Fully in compliance with IMO regulations

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Turbochargers will be critical in meeting the IMO Tier III emission targets. With our supplies, we follow the latest modifications, in compliance with the IMO environmental regulations.

Given the necessary IMO identification numbers, TurboSpares will deliver spares parts against the correct specification, as registered in technical files.

IMO related spares

For the engine there are 12 NOx components defined of which 4 are related to the turbocharger:

  • Compressor wheel
  • Diffusor
  • Nozzle ring
  • Turbine shaft

These components  that  may have influence on the engine NOx emission characteristics , will get a manufacturer specified unique number, such as IMO.

Focus on optimal combustion

By definition, internal combustion engines (ICE) burn a mixture of fuel and air (oxygen), in an appropriate ratio, in order to produce mechanical power. Ideally, if the combustion process is complete, the exhaust gases should only be carbon dioxide (CO2) and water vapour (H2O). In reality, mainly due to incomplete combustion, the exhaust gases also contain pollutant emissions, NOx.

The turbocharger’s specification is theoretically determined upfront and tested in the test bed modus. In case the most optimal performance between the turbocharger and engine is reached, the specific specifications are documented in the technical file.


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