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Quality Spares and Service for an Optimal Turbocharger Performance

The turbocharger is one of the most important engine component and need quality spares and service to achieve the most effective and reliable turbocharger performance. TurboSpares specialises in supplying high quality spare parts and service suitable for various turbocharger brands as ABB, KBB, MAN, Napier, IHI, MET, PBS. 

We offer all parts of the turbocharger. From the smaller turbocharger components as sealing bushes, gaskets, o-rings to the bigger components as gas in- and outlet casings, rotor complete, cartridges or even a complete turbocharger. We deliver from stock or directly from the factory.  All components that leave our workshop are measured, checked and properly packed- ready for shipment!

TurboSpares maintains a fully equipped workshop with facilities for cleaning, blasting and balancing of high-speed rotating equipment. This enables us to carry out a balance analysis using a visual computerised system. After balance correction, a full technical report is produced. 

Service can be carried out in our workshop or on board. 

A warranty of one year will be granted on all supplied spares and services!

The turbocharger is the heart of the engine. It needs quality spares and expertise to achieve the most effective turbocharger performance. 

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